autoFlix – Now available on Mac!

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I’ve just released the first version of autoFlix for Mac. There are some differences from the Windows version. When you open autoFlix it opens to Netflix automatically. You HAVE to watch Netflix full screened. Make sure you close the app when you are finished or it might click randomly. Anyway. Let me know how it works!… Read more »

autoFlix 1.9.3 – Updated for new Netflix layout!

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Alright I’ve released a fix. This should work for all users but I have done very limited testing. Please let me know how it works. Also the episode based timer is now broken. But I’m looking into ways to make it work. Make sure you close autoFlix if it’s running before installing the new version…. Read more »

autoFlix Broken by new Netflix player.

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Netflix has updated their player and I’m actively working on a fix. There’s a problem with the new player where the Play Next Episode button is different sizes on each resolution. Thanks for your patience, Jason Stallings

Lull 0.1 Released

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Lull mutes your computer automatically when Hulu commercials come on. This is the first release to feedback is appreciated. I have many plans for Lull, including ad overlays. Download

Announcing autoFlix 1.9

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autoFlix 1.9 has been released, with a new improve GUI and some new features and bug fixes. First off this version has worked across the board so far. I’ve used different images for detecting the buttons and it works way better now. Also added the new timer feature. This feature allows you to shut off… Read more »